104 Things To Do In The Summer Holidays At Home – Dads (& Parents) Guide To Surviving Summer Hell

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104 things to do in summer holidays at home

We’ve only got 17 days.

17 days till the end of the school term and summer holidays begin.

I’m already breaking out into a sweat just thinking about things to do at home to keep Zac entertained during the summer holidays.

The thought of him bouncing of the walls, jumping on my back and off the sofa shouting…

“I’m Booored….

…Can we go somewhere?

…Can we do something?”

can already be conjured up in my head.

Trying to work while he’s in the house is near impossible.

If I’m on a call to a client, you’d be guaranteed he’d shout upstairs saying “I need a poooo daddy” (It has happened before and it will happen again)

If I’m on the computer doing research, it’ll be “Whatcha doing?”

If I’m writing an email, he’ll try and move the mouse and type along.

Thing is… this isn’t new to me…

Ever since he was born, I’ve been working from home at all hours of the day and night so I know what to expect… except this year is different.

Since he’s due to start reception (Pre Kindergarten to my American readers… that’s if I got American readers!) he’s changed from a toddler where you can keep him fairly entertained with Thomas the tank engine, Disney Cars, Youtube for a decent amount of time…

Now… inside a year, he’s almost turned into a teenager…

103 Things to do in the summer holiday at home

Blasting music…

Insatiable appetite…

Messing about and playing jokes…

Wanting to go out…

Dancing around like he’s the greatest showman…. Literally

So I’ve been trying to think of things to do this summer at home so I don’t lose my sanity.

These are the things Zac will want to do:

  1. Go the park
  2. Go to the park and roll about in god knows what
  3. Get ice cream at the park
  4. Go to the beach
  5. Throw cold freezing water and drench me
  6. Chase seagulls on the beach
  7. Fish for anything floating in the rockpool
  8. Dig for treasure at the beach
  9. Get fish and chips at the beach
  10. Then followed by ice cream right after
  11. Go cycling to his grandmas
  12. Go cycling to the park
  13. Then decide to go cycling for miles then realize he’s gone too far and expect me to carry him and his bike back home
  14. Play football (or soccer) but his way only (which is to stand there and watch him throw the ball about)
  15. Ride his pedal race car, even though he’s too big for it.
  16. Listen to The greatest Showman on repeat at maximum volume
  17. Watch him dance to The Greatest Showman
  18. Help him get changed in his Greatest Showman outfit (even if he’s not signing or dancing)
  19. Want me to dance with him to the Greatest Showman
  20. Then finish of with an ice cream
  21. Want to visit his cousin in Scotland (3 hours drive)
  22. Ask 10 minutes into the journey “Are we there yet?”
  23. Then ask every 5 minutes until we actually get there
  24. Want to go to his cousins (20 minutes drive)
  25. Want to come home 10 minutes after getting there after not sharing his toys or the not able to get his own way.
  26. Stop off at Mcdonalds on the way home
  27. Then stop off the toy shop next to the Mcdonalds
  28. Spend 2 hours in Smyths toy store
  29. Go on the biggest toys, bikes, scooter, batmobiles and ride around the store.
  30. Throw a tantrum when it’s time to leave
  31. Then head back to Mcdonalds for an ice cream
  32. Head to the restaurant for a pizza
  33. Eat everyone else’s pasta
  34. Have more Ice cream
  35. Go swimming where there’s a big slide
  36. Race with me to bottom of the slide
  37. Watch him play on the pirate boat in the pool
  38. Carry him when the wave machine is on
  39. Want me to hold my breath under water from one length of the pool to the other
  40. Moan that he doesn’t want to swim
  41. Whinge when we have to leave the pool
  42. Want to go to the softplay next to the pool
  43. Play with his “new” best friend he just met at softplay
  44. Want to share his crisps and sweets with his “new” best friend
  45. Want to leave with his “new” best friend
  46. Take a short cut home when he’s tired even though it’s a 30 minute drive on the fastest route
  47. Go to the Cinemas (theatre for Americans) (or cimenas as he calls it)
  48. Stuff his little belly full of popcorn and sweets (Haribo tangfastics)
  49. Leave the cinemas after 10 minutes because he’s bored after the opening scene
  50. Get hot chocolate from Costas

These are the ideas that I can come up with to keep him entertained at home during the summer holidays:

  1. Take him to a train museum
  2. Take him and teach him swimming (not just on the slides)
  3. Get some pads and mitts so he can learn to do some kickboxing
  4. Let him run laps around the field that’s opposite us
  5. Teach him how to wash my car
  6. Let him use my old camera to take photos
  7. Take him to football/sports camp
  8. Teach him how to cut the lawn
  9. Take him on a farm visit
  10. Show him what I do at the gym
  11. Go to a local theme park
  12. Take him on the Metro into town
  13. Get the bus into town
  14. Take him to the sea life centre
  15. Take the bike and cycle the town moor
  16. Teach him how to read
  17.  Go ice skating
  18. Take him to a mini golf course
  19. Visit a different city
  20. Go boat riding in Durham
  21. Cross the river on a boat
  22. Visit the children’s library
  23. Teach him how to fly a kite
  24. Go to a trampoline park
  25. Pick strawberry’s
  26. Teach him how to paint and draw
  27. Let him draw, cut, glue and make trains and animals
  28. Visit a car show
  29. Use the inflatable pool
  30. Have a water balloon fight
  31. Teach him how to recycle toys for less privileged kids
  32. Get him to tidy his toys
  33. Learn to use rackets, bats properly
  34. See if he’s interested in being a magician
  35. Get him use to the keyboard and try to get him to touch type 70 wpm by the end of the holiday
  36. Write a story that he’s made up
  37. Create a metal spinning lantern from his favourite Movie at the moment (The greatest Showman)
  38. Get him to watch other Disney films that aren’t his usual ones
  39. Teach him how to cook
  40. Have a BBQ
  41. Make a pizza
  42. Blend our own smoothie
  43. Make ice lollies (popsicles)
  44. Make a photo/video journal
  45. Take him to Beamish museum
  46. Visit a Zoo
  47. Have a race between the cousins
  48. Teach him how to play cards
  49. Have a sleep over at his cousins
  50. Camp out in the garden
  51. Take him to beavers/scouts
  52. Let him watch train documentaries
  53. Learn to make Ice Cream
  54. Grow our own veg

So there’s 54 of my ideas, and 50 of Zacs ideas, giving us a grand total of 104 ideas… (Ok maybe a few are about eating Ice cream, but it’s one of the MOST vital arsenal in your toolkit to combat boredom). Hopefully, we will be able to get through the majority without any tears or tantrums.

Do you have any ideas for the summer holiday that you wish to add… comment below…

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