How 3 hours of sleep a night ruined my life, and how to make sure you don’t fall into the trap.

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3 measly hours of sleep…


“Why…” you’re probably asking “…Would you do that?”


Am I an insomniac?


Was it because I wanted to claim I’m a great businessman and boast I only get 3 hours a sleep a night?


No… the answer was simple. I was just trying to pay my bills and keep food on the table for my family.


As you can imagine, only having 3 hours sleep did not make me the best person to hang out with…


It didn’t make me the husband of the year…


It didn’t make me the father of the year…


I didn’t have the energy or the right frame of mind to hang out with my friends…


And I certainly didn’t want to go to the gym or do anything that I enjoyed…


I just wanted to rest as much as possible.


You see, when my son was born, I was waking up at 3am to make sales calls to Asia in my spare room turned office as it was the it would still be morning where my clients were.


I would be speaking with clients in Australia who were just about to finish their working day and If I was lucky, I’d still be able to catch my clients who were in America as their day had ended too…


Talk about stretching yourself thin!


This was my bright idea when I thought I would be able to handle so much and “balance” my family life.


For me, the idea of being able spend as much time as possible with my new family was something I’ve always been determined to do, even way before I actually started my family and I foolishly thought that this would be the best way rather than having a regular 9-5 job.


Boy was it tough…


I felt like I was part of the “Walking dead” cast most of the time, because I was tired, I was eating more and without any exercise my physical and mental health took a nosedive.


I remember I took a photo of myself one morning at 4am after a call and thought… no way can I continue like this


And so I decided to finish the projects I was working on and figure out a way to make drastic changes so that I could live my life properly rather than slog day by day and sending me to an early grave…


It wasn’t easy to make the change… it never is.


We are all scared of changes, especially big ones that affect your livelihood, your family, your career but we have to realize that if we aren’t willing to change for the our family, for us, that we ultimately lose…


Lose our time…


Lose who we are…


Lose our lives…


And that’s the saddest thing of all… having control of our lives but not having the courage the take the step.


Nowadays, I still work from home majority of the time, but I’m able to enjoy the time I spend with my family.


I’m able to pick him up my son from nursery, take him for walks, watch him play football but still be able to do my work.


It’s still hard don’t get me wrong, there are times when the balance shifts to work or to family, but to honestly say hand on heart that you have been there for your child during these important years to see him flourish into a healthy, confident child is the most rewarding feelings you can get as a father.



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