Have a guilt free Christmas, even when you’re not training.

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Have a guilt free Christmas

There’s less than 2 weeks till the big day where we stuff our faces and sit on around the house finding stuff to do. Like many people out there, my regular trips to the gym seems to has nose dived like the temperature out there, and I’m feeling a bit guilty when I’m having an extra mince pie.


At this time of the year, fitness and health are quite low on the list of my priorities. I know a lot of personal trainers and fitness classes attendances drop off, and when I’ve been to the gym I’ve noticed it’s very quiet, which is just the way I like it. It’s only natural as we build for the holiday period, we’ve got so much to do, shopping, preparing, meeting friends and family. Added to this the fact its cold and the days are shorter, we tend to start hibernating and eating more than we normally do.


If you’re like me and you keep hearing things about staying fit over the holiday period, people saying if you want that body for the new year then it starts at Christmas, then you’ll be like me… feels like im back in school…


Yes, I know I should eat less…


Yes, I know I should do more exercise…


Yes, I know alcohol contributes to my ever-growing belly…


The problem is, when people continue to lecture me, it less motivating and more annoyance. It seems like they are lecturing me on how to live my life, and even if the trainers may have your interest at heart, it just comes across like your that annoying teacher in school that you hated tell you to straighten up your tie and tuck your shirt in.


The truth is, that we already know ourselves that we should still be training, doing a bit of exercise, don’t eat too many and not go overboard on the beers, but its Christmas for Christ sake! Lets us eat and drink in peace!


It’s the one time of year where we can enjoy the things that matter, spending time with our family and friends without having to worry about work and life and I personally think that is probably more important than anything else.


This period is for winding down and get away from the daily routine that is life. What’s more, people seem to forget the mental wellbeing of people during this busy period. We all get caught up in the shopping and endless list to do’s before the big day that we tend to forget how much stress and angst we build up trying to get things perfect


Don’t get me wrong, there will be people who are die hard gym goers, people who have a huge motivation to get fit for the summer by starting at Christmas, and I applaud them cos they’re better than me, but is it really that bad to chill out during the holidays?


I personally think that its normal and natural to drop off your activities and exercises during this period, and although I do do this, I try to make sure Im able to do some form of activities as often as I can, which can just be a simple brisk walk to collect my son from school, then round the estate. Don’t underestimate the power of a child who has a scooter to hand!


You wont see it as exercise, they’ll certainly enjoy it, so what’s not to like.


Another way I make sure im being the most productive in terms of activity and exercise wise during this period is by getting the bus into town (yes, I know public transport is not EVERYONE’s cup of tea, especially if your like my wife who’s a germophobe), but lets face it, we don’t have to stress about the crazy parking, we get to walk around a little bit more and we can leave at any time and not worry about the expensive parking.


So take your earphones, wrap up warm, blast the Christmas songs and go brave the crowd. Enjoy a nice hot coffee or hot chocolate and get your steps in.


If you have any more tips to staying healthier and fitter during the Christmas period for us normal people who aren’t fitness fanatics then comment below.

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