Why New Years Resolution Ideas Tend To Fail… (And How To Make Sure They Don’t)

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With the New Year fast approaching, we get the dreaded question being asked:

What’s your new year resolution going to be?

“What ideas can you come up for the new year?”


“I’m gonna eat healthier”


“I will go to the gym”


“I’m quitting smoking”


“I’ll drink less”


Personally, I think new years resolutions are a load of bollocks… Why wait 365 days to make a promise to take action, when the time to do it is now?


It reminds me of the phrase “Tomorrow never comes, because when it does it’s today”


But I know people do like to start a new year with the best intentions so lets look at common mistakes people make when thinking of ideas for New years resolutions and how you can prevent from hitting the walls within weeks.


Unrealistic goals

Yes we should reach for the stars and really push ourselves to make change, however jumping from zero to 100 takes time and patience.


If you haven’t ran before and wanted to run a marathon, it would be foolish to think you would be able to finish by just showing up on the day.


In order to prepare for something as life changing as that, you would need a plan. Maybe start off small and run for 15 minutes, then half an hour, and then an hour and so forth.


Most people who think of news years resolution normally say something like…


“gonna lose weight…”

“I’ll try to eat healthier”

“I’m going to exercise more”


yet, they have totally unrealistic expectations and expect results in just a few weeks or months.


By putting in place the next few points you’ll give yourself an actual fighting chance of keeping your new year resolution…


Long term plan


Don’t just make plans for the summer and finish at that!


Yes you may want the beach bod, you might want to fit a dress for that special occasion or you might be training for a specific event, but what are your plans after that?


Are you just going right back to your old habits?


Think long term and plan for after, otherwise you’ll be back in the same position as last year, except your confidence will be shot to pieces and all your hard work will have been for nothing.


Even if you just want to hit a certain weight or size for the summer… your goal (and a very good one) is to maintain that throughout the year till the winter, where you can think of other new year resolutions to make that next step up.


Keep Motivated


Once you’ve hit that target, is all your motivation just going to dwindle and dry up?


Motivation shouldn’t just be a short term goal, it needs to be long term, it needs to be ongoing, it needs to be personal.


Change your thinking from “I want to be able to wear that dress for the wedding” to “I want to feel confident whenever I go out in a dress”.


Instead of “I want to be fitter and healthier” think “I want to be able to play with my kids without feeling out of breath”


Keeping yourself motivated when the going gets tough, when its cold and raining outside, or when you’ve hit a plateau is the absolute foundation of turning your new years resolution ideas into reality.


The next 2 tips go hand in hand but they deserve their own mention…


Take Small Steps


Don’t just come up with something totally unrealistic and unachievable, you’ll only lose heart and stop.


Instead, aim high but with small and regular milestones, which you can look back at and keep yourself motivated.


If you’re looking to lose weight, how about a weekly or fortnightly check in on the scales? A chart, which maps your progress, selfie photos to compare and rewards when certain milestones are achieved?


If you want to improve your fitness and your completely new to the gym, how about going to the gym twice a week for a fortnight, then upping it to 3 times a week after for a month, then 4 times a week after?


Taking a huge leap to training 4 times a week from zero is a prime reason why gyms are busy in January and back to being quiet in February!



Be Accountable


Combining this with accountability is a great way of keeping your New Year resolution ideas burning brightly.


Find a friend (or even a stranger like me) to help you be accountable. It’s the reason why there are so many mentors, coaches out there, because accountability is key to progression.


If you would prefer, you can pay for personal trainers, to help you with weight loss or improving your fitness, or you can join Urban Lifestyle Challenges Facebook group to help you find people who are in the same boat as you.


And finally…


Don’t be too hard on yourself


I cant stress this enough, please please please don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’ve caved in and had that slice of pizza or 2, don’t judge yourself too harshly.


If you’ve injured yourself because your not use to the strain of training, don’t give up.


Dust yourself off, get back into the routine and go again, because you’re doing a hell of a lot more than those just sitting and watching the TV!


Let me know what new years resolution ideas you have and how your getting on.



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