What is the Urban Lifestyle Challenge?

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Life is a huge disappointment.


You had such high hopes when you were younger. To be happy, wealthy, lots of friends, great job, stress free life and enjoying life to the max, but invariably a lot of us feel the complete opposite.







With little to no direction in life, just living day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year until we reach an age where we can “relax”…


I’ve always been a person to reflect on where I’ve come from and where I want to go, it’s just naturally who I am.


When my mother passed away when I was 19 years old, I had to grow up quickly. Friends would be going out, enjoying life and not have any care in the world, whereas I was helping out the family business, taking care of my dad and dealing with the fact that I would never be able to have the support of my mum ever again.


The years after my mum had passed away really dictated how I would live my life. I’d already felt I missed out a lot in life.


My parents never went to parents evening, never saw me play football or rugby, never went to any Christmas plays I was in because they were always working.


When I graduated, I didn’t even go to my graduation ceremony as I didn’t want to be the only person standing there without family.


I vowed that when I had a family, that this would never happen to my kids.


But what can you do when your job dictates that you need to work and what would happen if it clashed with family life?


What happens if you become so reliant and focused on your work, making money, that you forget about your friends…


… your family…


… you?


This is what the Urban Lifestyle Challenge is all about.


Collectively, we are all in the same fight.


We all want to be able to lead a happy fulfilled life, a loving family who you enjoy time with, where you can create loving moments and experiences that you will never forget, but we also have to balance that with reality where we dedicate a vast proportion of our lives to work.


This is why the Urban Lifestyle Challenge was created.


The Urban Lifestyle Challenge was created purposely for me to document my struggles with life…


Struggles with time away from work…


Struggles of being a parent…


Struggles of a guy trying to recapture a bit of enjoyment from life.


Struggle with my health and wellbeing… because lets face it, everything starts with the single most important thing…


… yourself


If we don’t look after ourselves, how do we look after the people we love?


So if you’re sick and tired of trudging through life, if you’ve lost the passion and the fire that you use to have, if your wanting to start enjoying life, then take up the urban lifestyle challenge with me and join the community, where we support each other without judgment so that we can all become the best we can be.


I don’t have all the answers (in fact I’m the person looking who will be looking for answers and solutions.) but what I do have, is the ability to help you find your passion so that you don’t miss out on life.


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